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Adori Audio’s Slimtech is an ultra-slim combo amp that fits in a gigbag

Adori Audio Slimtech gigbag amp
(Image credit: Adori Audio)

Guitar startup Adori Audio has announced it’s launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of its new Slimtech gig bag guitar amp.

The firm, founded by Las Vegas-based gear nerds Chuck Adori and Matthew Slack, has developed a 1.5”-thick, eight-watt amp after becoming frustrated with the multitude of existing mini amps.

“We’ve played around with every mini amp on the market and wanted to solve the two issues we found,” says Adori. “They often sound like toys, and are quite thick.”

Adori Audio Slimtech gigbag amp

(Image credit: Adori Audio)

Their solution to these challenges – the eight-watt Slimtech amp – features a pair of two-inch neodymium-driven flat speakers and a three-inch subwoofer, with built in analog delay and distortion tones. 

In terms of I/O, alongside the guitar input, there’s a Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection, a 3.5mm aux in and a 3.5mm headphones/speaker out.

Adori Audio Slimtech gigbag amp

(Image credit: Adori Audio)

Handily, the amp has an internal lithium-ion battery, which gives you 10 hours of jam time and also doubles-up as a power bank, via its USB Type C charging connection.

It all then mounts in a custom waterproof gigbag with ABS protective board, plus laptop storage and reinforced handles.

The proof will be in the playing, of course, but it will be interesting to see how the slim build compares with other compact practice amps, such as the Blackstar Fly 3.

The Kickstarter has just launched today, so if you think this sounds like your kind of bag, early backers can get the Slimtech amp for $129 or the bag and amp set for $229.

For more information and demos, head to the Adori Audio Slimtech Kickstarter page.

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