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Aerosmith Producer Says Steven Tyler Should Collaborate with Stephen King

Aerosmith producer Jack Douglas told Classic Rock magazine that he recently suggested Steven Tyler write with author Stephen King "to get his creative juices flowing."

“They looked at me like I was crazy," said Douglas, who's also at the helm for the band's upcoming new album. "I said, ‘No, I’m serious. If there’s anyone who’s going to inspire him, it’d be Stephen King.' as reported. Steven doesn’t need melody -– he needs someone who’s going to inspire him as a wordsmith. I don’t want a guy who’s just writing hits right now.”

Will it actually happen? Who knows. The only things connecting Steven and Stephen -- besides their first names -- are their shared New England backgrounds.

Douglas (who also produced John Lennon's Double Fantasy album in 1980) said Aerosmith have recorded 15 songs for the new album and have plans to add at least one more.