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Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian Joins Public Enemy on Stage for "Bring the Noise"

Scott Ian recently got the chance to join Public Enemy on stage at the Sunset Strip Music Festival to join in on the PE classic, "Bring the Noise." We'll let Scott tell the story in his own words...

"I took a few hours off from feeding/changing/hanging with the kid to go play Bring The Noise with Public Enemy. They were playing on the Sunset Strip Music Festival which was literally on Sunset. There was a stage at the Key Club facing west and a stage at the Whisky facing east and the whole street in between was closed. The vibe was amazing. It was so cool to see so many people out for the show and Sunset just looked great with a giant crowd standing on it."

"I got to PE’s dressing room and found their guitar player Khari so we could go over the arrangement. They do it differently than the way we do it in Anthrax and I needed a quick refresher."

"I saw Flav right after that. The man doesn’t age! It’s always great to hang with Flav and it’s great to see how the masses just fucking love him! I headed over to the stage and there was the main man, Chuck D, sitting on a road case behind the stage going over the set. I still get nervous around Chuck, I am just such a fan and I always feel like it’s 1988 all over again when I see him. Anyway, we went over what we were going to do and he basically said, 'Whatever you want to do Scotty, as long as you’re loud!'"

"That’s never a problem for me."

You can read the full thing over at Scott Ian's website.