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Bailiff Premiere New Song, "Golden Hour" —Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "'Golden Hour," a new song by Bailiff. The track is from the band's upcoming EP, Remise II, which will be released October 7.

"'Golden Hour" came together quite rapidly one night in our rehearsal room attic in Chicago," says Josh Siegel (guitar/vocals).

"Owen and Ren had a drum and bass idea that they locked into while I plunked around on the guitar. I had a cheap guitar I mainly used for playing slide, but that night I picked it up and started experimenting without a slide for the first time. The guitar had all six strings tuned to a B note.

"I made up that tuning one night but later read that Lou Reed used to do that to his guitars. It sounded like a group of slightly out-of-tune violins, and the tuning forced me to get crafty with how I moved around on the neck. We found some ideas for a verse and a chorus and then took a break to think out a pre-chorus and bridge so that we could demo it. The guitar parts mirror the vocal melodies throughout most of the song.

"We are a trio but we love the sound of a big gang of singers chanting a melody, so I used the guitar part to mimic that sound. Our producer told us we needed a real uptempo track to contrast the more somber song that we'd already written for the Remise II EP, so we made a point to keep 'Golden Hour' brisk and heavy. I'd read somewhere that the term 'Golden Hour' refers to the small window of time you've got after a major injury to get medical help. I talked with Owen about having that phrase stuck in my head and we sat down later in the week and collaborated on the lyrics to finish this one up."

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Damian Fanelli

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