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Behold, a 126-Pound, Completely Playable Acoustic Guitar

(Image credit: Channel 24 South Africa)

We've seen everything from 18-string guitars to a guitar crafted from 1,200 colored pencils over the years here at Guitar World, but I think it's safe to say that we've never seen anything like this. 

South Africa's Channel 24 has brought to the world's attention a 57kg, (around 126 pounds for those not on the metric system) fully playable acoustic guitar. You can learn more about the guitar here.

The creation of Cape Town resident Martin Stuckert, the guitar requires at least two people to be played, or even be carried from place to place. Tuning the guitar requires a wrench, so if you ever find yourself wanting to complain about your recalcitrant tuning pegs again, just keep this thing in mind. 

(Image credit: Channel 24 South Africa)

Rather than playing it as a typical guitar, Stuckert samples and manipulates the sounds from the instrument, which inevitably are much deeper than those of a usual six-string. 

We just hope he doesn't try to pass the guitar as carry-on luggage...