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Behold Joe Bonamassa’s see-through Lucite Fender Twin-Amp

(Image credit: Joe Bonamassa)

Joe Bonamassa has been outspoken in his love for Fender’s legendary  “high-powered" ‘59 tweed Twin-Amp guitar amplifier, so much so that last year he whipped up his own reissue of the fabled unit, the ‘59 Twin-Amp JB Edition.

Now, Bonamassa has taken his Twin-Amp affection one step further, unveiling on his Instagram a see-through version constructed with a Lucite enclosure.

The new model is a one-off custom build from Fender, which Bonamassa jokingly gives a “glowing review.”

Fender first unveiled the ’59 Twin Amp JB Edition as a limited run in March 2018. The 80-watt combo features three 12AX7 preamp tubes and a quartet of 6L6 output tubes, a hand-wired eyelet board and Fender vintage-style “yellow” paper-foil-resin tone capacitors.

There’s also two 12” Celestion JB-85 speakers, which can be seen prominently in the new Lucite version as well.

“In my opinion, it’s the epitome of amp building,” Bonamassa told Guitar World about the Twin-Amp earlier this year. But he may have just raised the bar a bit more.

To hear the transparent beauty in action, see below.