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Behold the Lego Les Paul, a stunning full-sized recreation of a classic ‘burst

Lego Les Paul guitar
(Image credit: morimorilego)

We all know a good hand-built electric guitar takes time to design and construct, but lord only knows how many hours, days and weeks were required for builder morimorilego to piece together this ridiculously detailed Lego Les Paul.

The impressive 1:1 scale build features a body constructed of layers of red, orange and yellow tile and brick, with the pickguard in white. Golden dishes and transparent yellow 2x2 round brick were used for the control knobs, and the output jack is a system wheel rim.

The Brothers Brick website further breaks down the build, pointing out that the headstock employs a variety of “cheese slope” bricks, while the tuners utilize Technic pins and 2×2 round plates and the frets consist of 1×6 tiles.

“Looking at the back of the headstock, you can see more Technic construction to mimic the real-world shaping,” The Brothers Brick comments.

“The tuning keys might not adjust the string tension in reality, but they sure look like they would really like to. The use of curved slopes makes the back of the neck look solid and functional, too.”

To glean some insight into how morimorilego fit the pieces together, the back of the guitar’s body reveals a bit about his construction technique.

And if you’re not so much of a Les Paul guy? Perhaps this Lego Red Special is more your speed.