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Bill Ward: Recordings of Fabled Black Sabbath-Led Zeppelin Jam Don't Exist

Longtime fans of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin who have been waiting to finally hear the recordings of the two bands' legendary jam session can finally exhale.

But not for a happy reason.

According to Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, the recordings don't exist -- even though the jam session did take place, just once. Ward said that watching Led Zep's John Bonham play with two bass drums was "unforgettable."

Speaking with Back Page Magazine, Ward said: "Zeppelin and Sabbath were in the studio at one time, and it only happened on one occasion. I don’t remember what album we were working on, but we were in sessions and it all started when Bonzo came into the studio and sat down at my kit.

"He starts playing 'Supernaut,' one of our songs that he really liked. His bass drum work was incredible. I played two bass drums and they only let him play one in Zeppelin. 'Supernaut' sounded like something from the hardcore bands of today, and Bonzo was doing that easily.

"He was having a good time, playing it with a whole different feel, all the while yelling ‘Supernaut!’ the whole time. It was crazy.

"There was a moment during that jam where we all kind of got this crazy notion and said, ‘Let’s put something down on tape.’ But nothing transpired and no tape rolled. Nothing was recorded – we were just pissing about.

Ward goes on to recall to that Jimmy Page wasn’t present at the jam session.