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Billy Corgan Working on a 'Spiritual' Autobiography

Smashing Pumpkins singer/guitarist Billy Corgan has thrown his hat into the ever-growing rock-star autobiography ring, a group that now includes Brian Johnson, Tony Iommi, Sammy Hagar, Steven Tyler and Nikki Sixx.

The singer/guitarist says his book, "God Is Everywhere, From Here To There," will focus on his band and personal life. He told Rolling Stone that he’s already written 300 pages of his "spiritual memoir" and plans to release it next year.

"I've decided to write this on my own, which is complete insanity," he told Rolling Stone. "I try to spend an hour a day on the book, which is the time I would usually put towards music writing. So that means I have to find that hour, because I won’t give up that music writing time. It’s a journey, for sure."

As previously reported, EMI Music will honor the legacy of The Smashing Pumpkins by issuing the band's 1991 to 2000 catalog in deluxe, fully remastered formats. Each reissue will include bonus material.

The series will kick off with 1991's "Gish," 1993’s Siamese Dream and the 1994 compilation album Pisces Iscariot. The series continues in 2012 with 1995’s nine-times-platinum double album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, 1996’s five-disc box set The Aeroplane Flies High and 1998’s Adore.

Corgan also is working on two new albums, Oceania and Teargarden.