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The Black Keys' Drummer Blames Death of Rock and Roll on Nickelback

While we're all about music as a civil, dignified community here at Guitar World, it never ceases to be entertaining when bands take jabs at one another in the press.

Case in point, the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone features a cover story on the Black Keys, who took the opportunity to stick it to a certain Canadian rock band.

"Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world," said drummer Patrick Carney. “So they became OK with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world is always going to be shit – therefore you should never try to be the biggest rock band in the world. Fuck that! Rock & roll is the music I feel the most passionately about, and I don’t like to see it fucking ruined and spoon-fed down our throats in this watered-down, post-grunge crap, horrendous shit. When people start lumping us into that kind of shit, it’s like, ‘Fuck you,’ honestly."

You can check out more excerpts from the upcoming cover story here.