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Bog Street “challenges the conventional guitar pick” with the new Axe Series

(Image credit: Bog Street)

Bog Street has introduced the new Axe Series of plectrums, which the company touts as a “challenge to the conventional guitar pick.”

Axe picks feature a unique, three-sided form-factor design, with models that combine both thick and thin edges in one pick.

Picks are “designed to optimize ergonomic grip while providing flexibility for individual technique and style.”

The Axe Blade and Axe Cut models feature a three-sided design that offers two 2mm jazz-style beveled edges and a .6 mm strumming edge with a standard tip shape.

Additional Axe variations are planned for later in 2020.

All Axe picks are injection molded using a high-grade crystalline polymer, laser-cut finished and polished in a silicon carbide grit.

The picks are available in packs of six for $17.90.

For more information or to purchase, head to Bog Street.