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Buff up your tone from the particle level with Tsakalis AudioWorks' Molecular Boost multi-effect pedal

(Image credit: Tsakalis AudioWorks )

Tsakalis AudioWorks is no stranger to multi-effect pedals – see the company’s Six stompbox

Now the Athens, Greece-based maker has introduced the Molecular Boost, a combination booster, buffer, preamp and volume pedal.

The pedal offers a boost from 0db to +18db via a single external knob.

Other features include an internal voltage doubler, dual high speed FET op-amp and switchable true or buffered bypass.

There’s also four external DIP switches on the pedal’s left side for a variety of tone shaping options, with two switches dedicated to selecting boost frequency range, one for high cut filter and one for enabling/disabling xp input in buffered bypass mode.

Furthermore, a volume or expression pedal can be connected via the xp input to control the overall volume of the boosted signal when the pedal is engaged, or the unity level when the pedal is disengaged and in buffered bypass mode.

The Molecular Boost is available for preorder for 135€ (approx. $150). For more information, head to Tsakalis AudioWorks.