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Caparison promises the “pinnacle of extreme guitar design” with Mattias Eklundh's Apple Horn 8 signature 8-string

(Image credit: Caparison Guitars)

Caparison has unveiled the eight-string Apple Horn 8 Mattias “IA” Eklundh signature, which the company touts as “the pinnacle of extreme guitar design.”

The new electric guitar sports a walnut and mahogany composite body, a hand-finished five-piece maple/walnut neck with two titanium rods to eliminate warping and increase stability, and a select ebony fingerboard with 27 stainless steel True Temperament frets.

Other features include an eight-string FU-Tone tremolo with a Big Brass Block, heavy duty noiseless springs and titanium string retaining blocks, an FU-Tone locking nut and Gotoh tuners.

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(Image credit: Caparison Guitars)
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(Image credit: Caparison Guitars)

Pickups are a DiMarzio PAF 8 at the neck and DiMarzio D Activator 8 at the bridge, controlled by a master volume knob with two-way “push-push” selector switch.

Said Eklundh, who has played with Freak Kitchen, Jonas Hellborg Trio and Art Metal, “I take a humble, sincere Viking bow to my dear buddies at Caparison for making this happen. This is not just another guitar. It will take me a few years to fully understand the nature and the astonishing wide spectrum of the Apple Horn 8. I am looking forward to the ride.”

The Caparison Apple Horn 8 is available for pre-order for $5,599.

For more information, head to Caparison Guitars.