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Carl Martin's Acoustic GiG puts multi-effects access right at acoustic players’ toes

(Image credit: Carl Martin)

Carl Martin has unveiled the new Acoustic GiG MultiFX preamp, a version of the company’s Quattro multi-effect pedal designed specifically for acoustic players.

The new unit boasts a compressor/limiter with individual level and comp knobs; a vintage-style echo with controls for level, tone and repeat - as well as a tap-tempo footswitch and a "dotted 8th note" switch - an analog/digital reverb and a boost with an increase of up to 15dB. 

There’s also a three-band semi-parametric EQ taken from Carl Martin’s 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp, an onboard tuner, a phase shift to combat feedback and an overall mute option.

The GiG’s rear panel, meanwhile, sports 1/4-inch inputs and outputs, a balanced XLR out with ground lift, an insert section and a 9V DC input with direct DC output.

(Image credit: Carl Martin)

The Acoustic GiG is available for £479 (approx. $630). For more information, head to Carl Martin.