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Carlos Santana to Release New Album, 'Shape Shifter,' in May

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana has revealed in a new interview that he plans to release a new album called Shape Shifter sometime in May.

Speaking to, Santana said "One thing coming up, though, is a record called Shape Shifter. I'll be putting it out in May. Aside from one song with vocals, it's all instrumental. It's not one of those guest-vocalist kinds of records. So people will get to hear Carlos Santana all by himself!"

He continued: "The record is basically directed to honor the American Indians. As you know, the people in New Zealand collectively agreed to give an apology to the Aborigines in Australia, and for me, whatever we do here in America to honor the American Indians, the Chinese, African-Americans and everybody else is a big step. So I created a CD, Shape Shifter, and it's dedicated to the American Indians."

You can read more from the interview here.