Coffin Case Announces Scarface Products

Coffin Case has secured the exclusive rights to market music-related products based on the 1983 Al Pacino movie Scarface. The first of many products debuting in June will be the white Coffin Case with the Pacino—as druglord Tony Montana—shadow profile image, approved by Pacino himself. The case features a deadly white diamond velvet interior and is affectionately referred to as Scarcase.

The 200W-SCAR model fits all standard guitar shapes such as LP/Strat styles, and will retail for $157.95.

The 300W-SCAR model fits all standard bass shapes such as P/J styles (as well as the Warlock guitar) and will retail for $179.95.

Features include:

Heavy-duty vinyl exterior with haunting Scarface image

Universal fit guitar, bass

White diamond tucked velvet interior

Extra-large storage compartment

Professional steel latches with locks

Sleek black hardware

Heavy-duty road approved handle