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The Vibraslide glass slide and controller could be your portal to Dark Side of the Moon sustain

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for the Vibraslide, which employs a hand-blown glass slide and controller pedal to produce seemingly infinite sustain on lap steel and standard electric guitars.

“Plug your guitar and slide into the controller and sustain your sound for as long as you like,” says Vibraslide creator Garreth Whittock, who also runs Aum Guitars.

A footswitch accesses harmonic modes, and a volume pedal can be plugged in and employed to bring the sustained effect in on top of your original sound. Additionally, a wah can be hooked up to dynamically control which harmonics feed back.

On a standard guitar, the Vibraslide can be used similarly to an Ebow, and can also conjure theremin-type sounds by twisting the guitar’s volume and tone knobs.

The Vibraslide is available for preorder beginning at a pledge of £180 (approx. $230), with a delivery goal of November 2020.

For more information or to back the project, head to Kickstarter.