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Conjure “jangly, shimmering” new-wave and post-punk tones with Big Ear’s Albie pedal

(Image credit: Big Ear Pedals)

Big Ear Pedals has introduced its first digital multi-effects stompbox, the Albie, inspired by Nightmare of You guitarist Joe McCaffrey.

Touted as an ambient modulator, the Albie boasts eight different settings specifically curated to cover late ‘70s- and early ‘80s-style new wave and post-punk “jangly, shimmering, modulated sounds.”

The Albie features a streamlined control set of just an Effect knob, which allows the user to change between eight different pedal-chains or “stacks” of effects (with the LEDs lighting up with the corresponding effect), and a Blend knob that mixes the chosen effect setting into the clean-tone of the guitar.

The standard footswitch can also be held down to provide a secondary setting for each effect. Big Ear calls these extra settings the “Neil Modes,” in honor of Neil Graham of Dr. Scientist, who programmed the Albie’s digital code as well as designed the secondary settings.

The Albie comes in a transparent Aqua Teal die-cast enclosure and runs on 9V DC power, and is available for $199.

For more information, head to Big Ear Pedals.