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Darkglass’s Element aims to conjure cab sim magic with the touch of a finger

(Image credit: Darkglass)

Finland-based Darkglass Electronics has introduced the Element, a pedal-sized offering loaded with five cab simulations.

Utilizing touch sensor technology similar to that in Darkglass’s Hyper Luminal Compressor, the Element sports a very cool knob-less design with three fully-tactile slider potentiometers with positioning LEDs.

The Element is compatible with guitar, bass or any other instrument, and in addition to the five pre-loaded cab sims, there’s the option to add more via the Darkglass Suite.

There’s also Bluetooth technology to listen to backing tracks while playing, dual headphone outputs to allow interaction between players and an XLR output to connect between a preamp and interface or PA.

The Element is available for $249. For more information, head to Darkglass.