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Derrick Schneider's playthrough of Tallah's The Silo delivers eeriness and brutality in equal measure

You might remember Tallah from last week's essential guitar tracks, in which we included the band's latest single The Silo. We detailed the track's unnerving, Slipknot-esque accompanying video and brutal guitar work.

Fortunately, we need no longer speculate on how guitarist Derrick Schneider plays these impressive parts, as he's filmed a guitar playthrough of the track exclusively for Guitar World. It's no normal playthrough, however, as various pepperings of Tallah's uniquely disturbing imagery are edited in, making for entertaining viewing, to say the least...

While the track's chugging riffs are noteworthy, the solo stands out as something truly remarkable. Incorporating a host of techniques including nimble alternate picking runs and rapid two-handed tapping lines, it'll "surely melt your face off," as the band says.

Regarding gear, Schneider plays an Electra 7-string electric guitar through an EVH 5150 III amp. His pedalboard remains a mystery, though he expresses his love for effects, stating: "I love to experiment in the studio with different gear and pedals, to come up with crazy sounds I can use live!”

Tallah's forthcoming debut album Matriphagy drops October 2, 2020 via Earache Records.

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