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Dethklok to Release 'Dethalbum III' in October

At long last, the world's biggest (animated) metal band are back with a brand new album.

Adult Swim has just announced plans for the release of Dethalbum III, the latest offering from cartoon metal heroes Dethklok. The music is of course the product of Metalocalypse co-creator Brendon Small, who is once again joined by Ulrich Wild in production duties on the album.

The album will also see release as a deluxe CD/DVD edition, featuring a 32-minute documentary chronicling the making of Dethalbum III.

Dethalbum III is out October 16 via Williams Street Records.

Dethalbum III

  • 1.I Ejaculate Fire
  • 2.Crush the Industry
  • 3.Andromeda
  • 4.The Galaxy
  • 5.Starved
  • 6.Killstardo Abominate
  • 7.Ghostqueen
  • 8.Impeach God
  • 9.Biological Warfare
  • 10.Skyhunter
  • 11.The Hammer
  • 12.Rejoin