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Fuchs Audio’s Marshall-style Mantis 89 promises "everything from Plexi-like gain to metal shredding"

(Image credit: Fuchs Audio)

Fuchs Audio has introduced the Mantis 89, a two-channel, all-tube guitar amp that the company touts as a tip of the hat to classic Marshall 800 and 900 British-voiced valve tones, promising “everything from Plexi-like gain to high-gain metal shredding tone.”

The new amp comes loaded with EL34 tubes (with a 6V6 option), and sports a three-band EQ (bass, middle, treble) and gain boost, as well as four, eight or 16 ohm speaker outputs with universal AC power.

(Image credit: Fuchs Audio)

The Mantis 89 head is available in 20 watt (6V6) and 50 watt (EL34) versions, at prices of $1,650 and $1,850, respectively.

For more information, head to Fuchs Audio Technology.