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Dr. Z’s new Z Wreck Jr. offers “chiming clean and blooming overdrive” in a powerful low-watt package

(Image credit: Dr. Z)

Dr. Z has shrunk down its legendary Z Wreck guitar amp, developed in conjunction with late amp guru Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Amps and Brad Paisley, into the new Z Wreck Jr., offering the original’s non-master-volume power and dynamics in a more compact 15-watt package. 

The new amp is loaded with three 12AX7 preamp tubes, a pair of 6n14n power tubes and one 5Y3 rectifier tube. 

There’s also a single Celestion Greenback 12-inch speaker and a control panel with knobs for Volume, Master, Bass, Treble and Cut.

Additionally, the Z Wreck Jr. sports a post-phase inverter master volume circuit similar to that found in Dr. Z’s Maz Mk. II, Jetta and Nova amps, making the Jr.’s “chiming clean and blooming overdrive” accessible at any volume level.

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(Image credit: Dr. Z)
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(Image credit: Dr. Z)

The Z Wreck Jr. is available as a head or a top-mounted 1×12 combo. For more information, head to Dr. Z.