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Electro-Harmonix expands its wireless headphones lineup with new NYC Cans and Sport Buds

(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

Electro-Harmonix has expanded its lineup of wireless headphones with its new, on-ear NYC Cans and in-ear Sport Buds.

The NYC Cans are collapsible and come with an optional 1/8-inch cable for those who'd rather be wired up. They can facilitate communications with Siri, let you control music and take calls, and are charged via USB cable, offering 5 hours of playing time. The headphones also have a microSD card slot for playing MP3 files.

The Sports Buds, meanwhile, offer up to 12 hours of playing time, and come with ear cushions - in three different sizes - and a USB cable for charging. Like the NYC Cans, they also offer voice assistant compatibility, plus music and call control.

The NYC Cans and Sports Buds are both available now, for $35.95 and $25.95, respectively.

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