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Elite Acoustics’ D6-58 offers a six-channel digital mixer in a battery-powered amp

(Image credit: Elite Acoustics)

Elite Acoustics Engineering has introduced the D6-58, which the company touts as “the most advanced battery-powered acoustic and vocal amplifier in the market.”

The 120-watt combo builds off the company’s D6-8 amp, incorporating a six-channel, full-featured programmable digital mixer into a class-D amplifier with lithium battery design.

There’s also a 32-bit DSP engine that provides compressor, gate, three-band with mid sweepable EQ, high pass and notch filter and phase reverse to each of the four class-A solid-state mic pre-amps.

Other features include the ability to store and manage parameter settings for instant access, Bluetooth streaming for backtracking or playing music in between sets and main mix and aux mix outputs for sending a mix to a house PA or other speakers. 

The rechargeable lithium battery offers 4-6 hours of play time, making the amp equally useful for at-home practice, onstage performance and even busking outside when you’re nowhere near a power source.

The D6-58 streets for $1,199.99. For more information, head to Elite Acoustics