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Elton John and Jack White Confirm Musical Collaboration, 'American Epic'

Elton John has spilled the beans about his new project with none other than Jack White.

Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed John, who discussed his experience working with producer T Bone Burnett on several recent studio albums. And although Burnett produced John's brand-new album, The Diving Board, it turns out he and John are already working on something else.

“I just did a thing with him the other day for American Epic, a six-episode program about the history of the blues,” John said. “I got to use the original machine from 1934 that Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong recorded on, and I wrote a special song with Bernie [Taupin], and Jack White played on it.

"So it went straight to analog. That was a lot of fun. Recording sometimes can be stressful. But with T Bone, it’s really fun and I don’t freak out and I’m much more relaxed than I would be with anybody else.”

Elton also praised Burnett, adding that the producer rekindled a fire he thought was long gone. "He got my love of recording back, and I thought I'd lost that. Just by happenstance, so many things in my life have happened [through] just little weird things — like playing an old Leon Russell album, thinking he'd been forgotten, ringing him, and then ringing T-Bone."

American Epic will feature a soundtrack curated by Burnett and White, featuring an assortment of artists recording on vintage equipment. It’s part of a serious into the past for White, who also is assembling a massive box set that will rescue dozens of recordings from the Paramount Records vault. The first installment, The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume One (1917-1927), is due November 19.