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Elton John and Jack White Confirm Musical Collaboration, 'American Epic'

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Elton John has spilled the beans about his new project with none other than Jack White.

Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed John, who discussed his experience working with producer T Bone Burnett on several recent studio albums. And although Burnett produced John's brand-new album, The Diving Board, it turns out he and John are already working on something else.

“I just did a thing with him the other day for American Epic, a six-episode program about the history of the blues,” John said. “I got to use the original machine from 1934 that Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong recorded on, and I wrote a special song with Bernie [Taupin], and Jack White played on it.

"So it went straight to analog. That was a lot of fun. Recording sometimes can be stressful. But with T Bone, it’s really fun and I don’t freak out and I’m much more relaxed than I would be with anybody else.”

Elton also praised Burnett, adding that the producer rekindled a fire he thought was long gone. "He got my love of recording back, and I thought I'd lost that. Just by happenstance, so many things in my life have happened [through] just little weird things — like playing an old Leon Russell album, thinking he'd been forgotten, ringing him, and then ringing T-Bone."

American Epic will feature a soundtrack curated by Burnett and White, featuring an assortment of artists recording on vintage equipment. It’s part of a serious into the past for White, who also is assembling a massive box set that will rescue dozens of recordings from the Paramount Records vault. The first installment, The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume One (1917-1927), is due November 19.