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EVH Gear Revamps Website, Adds "Ask Eddie" Van Halen Feature and More

EVH has announced that its website — — has been revamped.

Probably the most notable addition to the site is the new “Ask Eddie” feature, which allows fans to ask Eddie Van Halen questions about his career, his gear and whatever else comes to mind.

Van Halen has already responded to questions relating to his effects chain, Wolfgang guitar design specifications and his infamous “Shark Guitar.”

The site includes an updated timeline and new photo galleries, which feature photos of Eddie Van Halen through the years. It also offers several free wallpaper designs for computer desktops, plus a media page that lets readers peruse recent Eddie Van Halen interviews and an archive full of EVH catalogs, advertisements and price lists.

As always, the site features all the information and images pertaining to the EVH line of guitars, amplifiers, accessories and the artists who endorse them; as well as the EVH Store, which sells EVH-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles.

For more information, visit