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Exclusive Stream: Andy McKee's ‘Mythmaker’ EP Premiere

Andy McKee is back with his latest offering, Mythmaker, and we're happy to present this exclusive stream.

As his latest release since 2010’s Joyland, Mythmaker finds McKee covering some new territory.

"I really wanted to break things up a bit with this EP, so I decided to include a solo piano piece and a multi-instrument tune that features some electric guitar,” McKee says.

"June," the piano composition, is as gorgeously performed as any of his acoustic numbers, while the richly layered electric guitar and keys found on closing track “Lumine” completely draw you in.

Craving the traditional McKee sound? You won't be disappointed: “There are two solo acoustic guitar tunes on Mythmaker as well, so it's not a complete departure from what I'm known for,” he says.

With Mythmaker, McKee’s sense of melody and songwriting is strong as ever, and his willingness to experiment just enriches the overall sound. "The EP and title track are dedicated to the creative spirit found within us all,” McKee says.

Take a listen to exclusive stream of Mythmaker below.

Watch McKee perform Mythmaker cut “The Reason”:

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