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Exclusive Video Premiere: Aly Tadros — "Whim"

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Whim," a new music video — and new single — by Aly Tadros.

Since the release of her latest album, The Fits, earlier this year, New York-based (by way of Austin) Tadros has gained plenty of momentum, which has led to endorsements with Fender and Guild.

Her recent success is well earned, considering she spent the past four years playing more than 700 stages across North America and Europe, venturing as far as Egypt, Turkey and Mexico.

Now Tadros returns with "Whim," an intricately layered, surprisingly dark collaboration with Ben Balmer. On the track, and in the video below, Tadros plays her vihuela, a mariachi instrument.

"'Whim' was intended to be an old folk duet," Tadros says. "We originally wrote it on Ben's resonator, but once we got into the studio, my Guild D-55 sounded too crisp not to use. The intricate fingerpicking is on Juanita, my vihuela. She's a traditional five-string mariachi instrument from Michoacan. I'm pretty sure I almost died three times driving across Mexico to get her."

For more about Tadros, visit her official website and Facebook page.