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Firewind Post Tour Trailer

Greek power metal band Firewind, which features Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G, have just posted a trailer for their upcoming Defiance Over Europe and North American Frets Of Fury tours. You can watch the trailer below.

The band are still touring behind their latest studio effort, 2010's Days of Defiance, which spawned three singles: "World on Fire," "Ark of Lies" and "Embrace The Sun."

For Firewind fans worried about where guitarist Gus G's allegiances lie, he assured fans in an interview last month, saying of Firewind: "I mean it’s my band. I used to play with three or four other bands but I quit every other band. This is my thing, this is my own band."

You can read that full interview at this location.

Gus G recently said in the media that the band would likely hit South America after their European and North American tours, and then begin work on a new studio album.