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Floyd Rose celebrates 40th anniversary with limited-edition double-locking tremolo system

(Image credit: JHS)

Floyd Rose is celebrating four decades of its double-locking trem for electric guitars with the new 40th Anniversary Floyd Rose Original Tremolo System.

The limited-edition bridge boasts a German-made tremolo base, stainless steel hardware, titanium insert blocks, an upgraded 37mm Fat Brass Sustain Block and ruby red fine tuner screws.

The system contains the bridge, locking nut, springs and claw, mounting studs and all hardware necessary for installation. It comes in a variety of finishes, including Chrome, Black, Gold, Nickel, Black Nickel, Vintage Copper, Satin Pearl, Satin Chrome, Satin Black and Satin Gold.

(Image credit: JHS)

The 40th Anniversary Floyd Rose Original Tremolo System is available for $274.90 in the US, and prices ranging from £449 - £519 in the UK.

For more information, head to Floyd Rose and JHS.

(Image credit: JHS)