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FU-Tone unveils new line of "indestructible" Black Titanium locking tremolo hardware

(Image credit: FU-Tone)

Since 2007, FU-Tone has built a reputation for their locking tremolo component upgrades. In a new release for 2020, the company has announced the launch of its new line of Black Titanium hardware, which consists of a String Lock Screw Set, Saddle Mounting Screw Set, Nut Clamping Screw Set and Saddle Insert Set.

"Normal tremolo hardware is prone to failure, corrosion and breakage," the company says, claiming Black Titanium "will function at a higher level, never fail and sound better".

The new Black Titanium range is priced as follows:

  • String Lock Screw Set - $49.00
  • Saddle Mounting Screw Set - $39.00
  • Nut Clamping Screw Set - $29.00
  • Saddle Insert Set - $49.95

For more information, head to FU-Tone.