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Furch Guitars launches Covid-inspired antibacterial neck finish for its guitars

Furch Guitars
(Image credit: Furch Guitars)

Czech acoustic guitar manufacturer Furch Guitars has unveiled a new anti-bacterial neck finish that aims to minimize “the number of harmful microorganisms on the neck of the instrument.”

“The neck is, by nature, one of the most handled areas of any guitar,” Furch says. “While playing, a number of microorganisms arise, which can have a negative effect on the player's health.

Available on all Furch models going forward with a serial number of 95787 or higher, the Covid-inspired finish also seeks to “increase overall comfort while playing.”

Regarding the nature of how the finish works, it contains silver microparticles which bind to the proteins of microorganisms, destroying them in the process.

Says Petr Furch, CEO of Furch Guitars, “Recently, when we looked at how to improve the surface of our guitar necks, specifically to achieve an even smoother surface for faster playing, we also decided to explore how to make our instruments safer for players. It was Covid which led us to this.

“In most styles of playing, the greatest contact between the skin and the surface of the guitar occurs at the back of the neck. The contact surface of one chord can be around 50cm squared. The bacteria which this introduces are eliminated by our varnish in just a few seconds.”

For more information on the new Covid-inspired finish, head to Furch Guitars.

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