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Get monstrous bass tone with Hartke's new HD508 combo amp

Normally, when you think of a 500-watt amp, an immobile beast, forever straining the muscles of you or (if you're very, very lucky) your roadie's arms and back, comes to mind. 

However, with its phenomenal new HD508 combo amplifier, Hartke has managed to pack 500 watts of power into a shockingly portable, 49-pound package. 

Oh yeah, and it sounds great too! Its Hartke-patented HyDrive speakers produce clear, articulate and powerful tone that will dominate the low-end without overwhelming the rest of your band's sound.

See (and hear) what we mean in the demo video above, courtesy of the great Matt Scharfglass.

For more info, point your browser over to Hartke.