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Get screaming guitar feedback at any volume with Blue Cat Audio's AcouFiend plugin

File this under products we want now: Blue Cat Audio has released the AcouFiend, a new acoustic feedback simulation plugin that, according to the company, “can make electric guitars scream, growl or sing, even at low volume or through headphones.”

The AcouFiend – which recalls DigiTech’s FreqOut pedal, only in plugin form – not only simulates close-speaker feedback, but also allows guitarists total control over the effect, from when and how to trigger the feedback, to sensitivity to pitch and amplitude changes, to choosing the generated harmonic.

There’s also support for chords, as well as the ability to apply feedback to existing tracks after recording.

The plugin allows for control via MIDI, and is available separately or as part of the Axe Pack guitar software bundle for Mac and PC.

(Image credit: Blue Cat Audio)

The AcouFiend is being offered at a special introductory price (until March 31) of $59, or with the Axe Pack for $249.

For more information, head to Blue Cat Audio.