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Ghost: Most of the Songs Written for "Divine" New Album

Sweden's Ghost are working on a new album, much of which is already written, according to a new interview.

In a new interview with, Ghost's Nameless Ghoul had this to say on the band's progress on the follow-up to 2010's Opus Eponymous: "Most of the material has been written already. Throughout the production and writing, we've been using the word 'divine' a lot. Whereas with the first album, the sound was slightly 'wooden,' we want the new album to be stone and golden in terms of being lavished and divine. So we are trying to paint an even more solemn religion and there's all sorts of dramatic steps forward. The first album is about the arrival of the anti-Christ, about a coming darkness. The new album will about a current darkness, the presence of the devil, how it relates to divinity and how it's futile you grasp whatever is divine. "

You can read the full interview here.

In other Ghost news, the band will be hitting American shores for a rare tour soon. The band band will open for Mastodon and Opeth on their upcoming co-headlining tour -- dubbed the Heritage Hunter Tour. You can get full tour dates here.