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Guitar-Loving Couple Name Their New Baby Gibson

A couple in Waukesha, Wisconsin -- the birthplace of Les Paul -- named their new baby "Gibson" -- after the storied guitar manufacturer, of course.

“I was talking to some co-workers about baby names before we even started trying for a baby and someone suggested Gibson," new daddy Mike Weber told his local newspaper, the Waukesha Freeman. "I loved it. Growing up in Waukesha, you always hear about Les Paul, and this is such a cool way to honor him."

On the expected delivery date -- February 7 -- Mike donned a Gibson Les Paul shirt and waited ... and waited. The child -- a boy -- had other plans, however, and wasn't born until the following day.

"I wore the shirt for a full 30 hours," Weber told the Waukesha Freeman. "It was a little funky, but it was worth it.”

The Webers plan on taking Gibson to the Waukesha Guitar Town event in June.