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Guitarist recreates the opening music to every Sony PlayStation console with air compressors, cello bows and more

We’ve all seen YouTube clips of guitarists (and sometimes very famous guitarists) playing video game theme songs on their instruments. But how about a guitarist who recreates video game console startup sounds?

The rather talented YouTuber Davidlap takes on the challenge here, using electric and acoustic guitars, as well as everything from his fingers to a cello bow and an air compressor, to play the opening music to every Sony PlayStation console – including the newly released PlayStation 5 (which he refers to in the clip as “The first positive thing that happened in 2020”).

He even throws in a Nintendo DS and Wii U, as well as an old-school Sega Genesis for good measure.

You can check it out above, and for more from Davidlap, head to his official YouTube channel.