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GW live at NAMM 2020: See how Ciari Guitars' Ascender model can be cleanly folded in seconds

NAMM 2020: We've seen our fair share of nice electric guitars these past few days, but we certainly haven't seen any that can be folded!

Such is the case though, with Ciari Guitars' Ascender model. As it turns out, this particular guitar features a lever concealed within the body’s perimeter. When flipped, this lever drops the string tension from 118 pounds to three, at which point a mechanism allows the guitar to be folded perfectly in half.

Intrigued, we stopped by the company's booth to learn more about the guitar, which received a glowing review from our friends at Guitar Player.

See what we learned about the guitar - and a tasty demonstration of how it sounds at the end - in the video above. As always, be sure to also check out the full spectrum of our NAMM coverage as well.