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Haunted Labs’ Scorched Earth offers fuzz tones "like mainlining hot magma into your bloodstream"

(Image credit: courtesy of Haunted Labs)

Just in time for Halloween – seriously, just in time – Haunted Labs has unveiled the Scorched Earth effect pedal, a “relic” fuzz that claims to combine elements of vintage silicon fuzzes with modern tone shaping capabilities.

The new pedal boasts a simple layout – just fuzz, level and tone knobs – and promises to soak your tone in “harmonically rich, seemingly endless sustain.

“Kinda like mainlining hot magma into your bloodstream, but in a good way,” says Haunted Labs.

Otherwise, there’s true bypass switching, 9V standard DC operation and some seriously spooky graphics.

The Scorched Earth is available for $159 and begins shipping in mid November. For more information, head to Haunted Labs.