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Horizon Devices releases feature-rich, compact Flux Echo reverb and delay pedal

(Image credit: Horizon Devices)

We were big fans of Horizon Devices’ first-ever pedal, the Precision Drive, and now the company co-founded by Periphery’s Misha Mansoor is back with a new offering, the Flux Echo.

The reverb and delay pedal, which Horizon says is the product of years of research and development, as well as Mansoor’s “extensive delay collection ranging from vintage tape echoes to modern crisp delays,” features controls for mix, tone, reverb/decay and delay/feedback.

(Image credit: Horizon Devices)

A flux mode toggle switch, meanwhile, accesses three different voices, which Horizon defines as: warm, ambient reverb with clean analog delay repeats; lightly modulated reverb with a smooth reverse delay; and shimmer reverb with a tape-style echo.

Other features include mono and stereo I/Os, a tap/hold switch and a bypass/delay that also functions as a reverb trails switch when held down.

The Flux Echo runs on 9V power supply (not included) and is available now for $199.

For more information, head to Horizon Devices.