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Watch Paul Riario Demo the Horizon Devices Precision Drive

Horizon Devices, a pedal company co-founded by Misha Mansoor of Periphery, recently unveiled their first creation: Precision Drive.

Demoed in the video below by Guitar World Tech Editor Paul Riario, Precision Drive allows players to sculpt the perfect metal or djent tone.

“The Precision Drive is the overdrive pedal I always wanted and that I was kind of shocked no one had made,” says Mansoor on the Horizon Devices website.

“Given how many rock and metal musicians use ODs to boost and tighten their amps, I would have thought there might be a solution aimed at that crowd, but there just wasn't. So I figured I might as well bring that pedal to life, if anything, just so I could have it for myself!”

Check out our run down of Precision Drive below, and for more information, visit