iPhone Gets Chromatic Tuner Application

Now available for $4.99 in the Apple iTunes App Store, Power Tuner is a chromatic tuner that will allow you to tune virtually any instrument within moments. Whether you play the violin, the guitar, a bass, the trombone or a horn, this tuner will help you to accurately adjust the pitch and tuning of your instrument even in noisy environments.

If you're a vocalist, "Power Tuner" can even accurately track your voice and tell you what note you sing and how well in tune it is.

Using an intuitive interface, the way high end rack-mounted tuners work, with a single glimpse you can see the stem note you play and the level of detuning in 10 cent steps above and below on a large LED-style display that is easy to read even in the dark.

In addition you can turn your phone on the side to get an even bigger display reading.

For more information, visit g3studios.com.