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Is the Silver Snark the speediest clip-on guitar tuner yet?

Silver Snark
(Image credit: Danelectro)

Back in 2010, Danelectro released the Snark clip-on tuner, which to date has sold over 25 million units. You might wonder how such a commercially successful tool could be improved. The company believes it has the answer – enter the Silver Snark.

Featuring newly designed – yes – Hyper Snark tuning software technology, the Silver Snark delivers "spot-on, pin-point, precision accuracy at super-fast, lightning speed". It's designed with ultra-sensitivity, enabling it to detect even minor changes in pitch on lower-register instruments like baritone guitars or multi-string basses.

The Silver Snark is lightweight yet robust, with hard vulcanized rubber collar joints – the same material used in car tires.

Danelectro also claims the tuner is resistant to solvents and impervious to moderate heat and cold. Its LCD screen is designed to be seen in low light settings and stage scenarios, as well as in the glare of bright lights.

The Silver Snark is available now for $16.99. For more information, head to Silver Snark.

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