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The Jay Willie Blues Band Releases 'New York Minute'

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On their first ZOHO Roots release, New York Minute, the Jay Willie Blues Band lays down 15 vintage Texas blues, rock and ballad tracks, including eight originals plus famous early R&B classics and obscure early blues rediscoveries.

Inspired and influenced by the incendiary guitar work of Texas blues legend Johnny Winter, Willie fortifies his blues band with Winter's ex-drummer, Bobby T Torello, as a special guest. Other guests include Dutch R&B singer and YouTube discovery Marlou Zandvliet, plus harmonica ace Jason Ricci.

In typical blues funkiness and an ironic but provocative sideswipe at political correctness, some of the songs celebrate the guilty pleasures of chain smoking and "Champagne & Reefer," the latter of which is a powerful Muddy Waters tune.

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Track Listing

01. Hollywood
02. New York Minute
03. Chain Smokin
04. You Hurt Me
05. It's Your Thing
06. Devilbones
07. I Can't Be Satisfied
08. Champagne & Reefer
09. The Wobble
10. Tattooed You
11. Watch Pocket
12. Goin Down Slow
13. Hoodoo
14. Best Side of You
15. That Ain't It

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