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Jim Dunlop partners with Misha Mansoor for all-new Custom Delrin Flow pick

Misha Mansoor
(Image credit: Getty Images / Jim Dunlop)

Jim Dunlop has teamed up with Periphery guitar-slinger Misha Mansoor for a brand-new signature guitar pick, the Custom Delrin Flow.

Available in two gauges – .65mm and .73mm – the Custom Delrin Flow utilizes Dunlop's Flow pick shape, which has a wide angle and sharp tip for “exceptional handling and precision when things get fast and heavy”.

Built using Delrin – a material similar in feel to Tortex but designed to hold its shape for longer and to wear more evenly – the Custom Delrin Flow features a sculpted edge, which allows players to use their picking hand like a volume control, achieving different dynamics by changing the orientation of attack.

Visually, the pick sports Periphery's three-circle logo on one side and “Bulb” – Mansoor's nickname and the name of his solo side project – on the other.

Says Mansoor: “I do think that the pick is such a massive part of your tone and your sound. 

“I see people obsess over which NOS tube they should put in the V1 section of their tube amp, and spend hundreds of dollars on that, and [simultaneously] not even care about what picks are out there or what they could be using. If you play different picks, it will sound different.”

He continues: “I’m demanding and – dare I say – picky when it comes to what I need from picks. I told Dunlop I was only interested in this if we could engineer the perfect one for me. After a few years of hard work, here it is!”

Both .65mm and .73mm versions of the Custom Delrin Flow are available now at $10 for a bag of six. For more information, head over to Jim Dunlop.

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