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Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin Glastonbury Rumors: 'You Never Know What's Going to Happen'

Jimmy Page has spoken about the possibility of Led Zeppelin playing England's massive Glastonbury Festival in the future.

Talking to Shaun Keaveny on BBC Radio 6 Music about comments made by Glastonbury Festival boss Michael Eavis (Eavis had said he was "sure" the band would one day headline the festival), Page said: "I haven't heard about anything since the 2007 O2 gig, but you never know, do you? ... You never know what's going to happen tomorrow, do you?"

Page recently said he chose to reissue the band's first three albums to remind people what a "fucking good band" they were.

"I hope young musicians find it a source of inspiration," Page says. "That's how I learned, and that's what's so seductive about this nerdish thing. Led Zeppelin have real serious musical mastery and this is passing it on. It's a cool thing to do."