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Joe Bonamassa launches Fueling Musicians initiative to provide artists with cash and gas cards to get them back on the road

(Image credit: Christie Goodwin/Redferns)

Corey Taylor and Devin Townsend aren’t the only musicians helping to fund COVID-19 relief efforts today.

Joe Bonamassa has now unveiled a new program, Fueling Musicians, which will provide artists with cash and gas cards to help get them back on the road.

The emergency relief program, alongside the electric guitar player’s non-profit Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation, will offer immediate cash payments of $1,000 for essential living expenses, as well as pre-paid gas cards of $500.

“Right now, the music industry has been brought to its knees,” Bonamassa said.

“We are in a critical time in the music business and I want to see as many bands and artists survive and flourish going forward when they are given the green light to tour again.”

To kick off this fundraising initiative, Bonamassa and Keeping the Blues Alive are funding $25,000 to be immediately available for touring musicians in need.

Initial funding will be generated from several sources, including the sale of Bonamassa’s prototype JB signature amp, which he has used on tour.

Keeping the Blues Alive is also organizing plans to support this program through multiple fundraising platforms, with all proceeds going directly to Fueling Musicians.

Additionally, Bonamassa will host a week-long fundraiser on Facebook for his birthday on May 8 to help raise additional funds. He is also planning a special “stream-a-thon” event, featuring exclusive performances.

Artists who would like to be considered for financial aid can fill out an application.

And for more information, head to Keeping the Blues Alive.