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Joe Bonamassa’s missing Fender “The Bludgeon” Nocaster signature guitar has been found

Joe Bonamassa
(Image credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images / Joe Bonamassa Official Store)

Joe Bonamassa has reported that his missing JB006 Fender 'The Bludgeon' Nocaster signature guitar has been recovered, after it went missing earlier this week.

Writing on social media, the electric guitar guru announced, “Many thanks to all of you out there who helped us in locating JB006.. It is back safe and sound and finally on its way to Guitar World for review after spending two weeks in brackish custodial custody.

“This time we are shipping it via Autogyro with the help of the Prussian Consulate,” he added.

While no information was given regarding its miraculous recovery, when asked by a commenter how it was returned Bonamassa replied, “Discreetly.” In another response to an individual who questioned whether it was an innocent shipping misplacement, JoBo revealed, “not exactly.”

Bonamassa initially took to social media last Sunday (May 16) to ask for the return of his JB006 Fender ‘51 Signature Nocaster, after reporting it had gone missing while on its way to Guitar World for review.

The blues rock titan voiced his suspicions that the Nocaster had been stolen while in transit, saying, “You say it’s missing. I say it was stolen. Your own videos prove it was scanned into your distribution center in Nashville and never left.”

The safe return of the six-string will no doubt be cause for celebration, given it was initially labelled by FedEx as “missing without recourse nor hope of a solution”.

When released, Joe Bonamassa's upcoming Fender 'The Bludgeon' Nocaster will be part of an ultra-limited 100-unit run headed up by Greg Fessler, with a recently announced spec sheet revealing the entire production run will take an estimated 36 months to complete.