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Joe Satriani AmpliTube is coming - and you get to pick the modeled gear

(Image credit: courtesy of IK Multimedia)

Earlier this year, IK Multimedia announced that Joe Satriani had joined its stable of artists, and endorsed the company’s AmpliTube guitar modeling plug-in and AXE I/O audio interface. 

Now, IK has confirmed that a signature Satch AmpliTube is indeed in works. And better yet, the company is offering fans the opportunity to help choose the gear that will be featured in the collection.

First up, the amps, which include Marshall JVM, Super Lead and 6100 models, Peavey 5150, Roland JC-120 and Scholz Rockman.

On the effects side, there’s a choice of Chandler Tube Driver, Boss DS-1 and OD-1, Vox Wah, Fulltone Ultimate Octave, Dunlop 535 Wah, Echoplex, Eventide 949 and Digitech Ultra Harmonizer.

Results will be revealed on January 16, with the Joe Satriani AmpliTube scheduled for release later in 2020.

To vote, head over to IK Multimedia.